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Name of Greek origin, synonym with harmony.

Hellada (Greece), door to the Eastern Mediterranean, embraced all ancestral cultures from the Middle East. The Sea of Marmara filtered the black water that carried footprints from the big rivers from Central Europe, as well as from the old Urartu Kingdom…

The Aegean Sea islands fed from nearby Tyre and Sidon. Babylon, the Sumerians, the Hittites, the Assyrians, they all left their imprint in a similar fashion.

The Great Egypt laid the cultural foundation for Alexandria.

Hellada brought it together in a beautiful melting pot, giving it a particular shape of their own. Out of Greece, a symphony of art and culture expanded throughout the whole Mediterranean area, even reaching the far away Tartessian, Celtic and Iberian Hispania, profiting from the commercial routes opened by the Phoenicians.

Sinfonia Ceramicas wishes to gather and harmonize this long-lived tradition (classical creations), while using state of the art technology.


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